Client Testimonials

Assault - Dismissed I hired Mr. Colin for an assault case a while back. I was really scared because I'd never been arrested before but a friend gave me his phone number and said he knew his stuff. He asked me a lot of questions, explained the process and helped me gather evidence against the other which convinced the DA to dismiss the case because I was just defending myself!

Fantastic Attorney! Last year I was charged with DWI with a breath test of .18 - at first the prosecutor wasn't willing to offer anything less than 2 years probation on a DWI based on my criminal history and the breath test results. Mr Hobbs convinced the prosecutor to watch the video there in court while I was in the courtroom. He managed to get a 6 month deferred probation offer on a Class B Obstruction of a Highway which is MUCH better than a DWI and eventually will get dismissed. Since I won't have a conviction I was able to keep my job and while I hope I don't need him again, he'll be my first call if I do!

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